Beware !!!
Mind what you share through ur facebook inbox cuz someone may use them against you.

Never accept a friend request from a dormant or a new account bearing a dormant profile.
i.e no post on the timeline.

If a friend wants to add you,  he/she must have a D. P or something special about them.

And mind you a friend of u can create a new profile with a different gender in order to spy or track you.

A boy can create a new account with a girl's name and add his fellow boy... then and thereafter start dating and demanding for something else.
but mind you,  never share ur nudes to anybody,  no matter what happens

Never accept a friend request from an account bearing a beautiful or sexy girls on the DP.
mind you,  that account is being operated by a male (yahoo boys) 

If an unidentified person adds u and start demanding for nudes,  know it, that account is being operated by someone that wants to  destroy ur social image.

beware!!!  Never you snap and send ur nude photos to someone,  cuz something shared online can go viral all over the world.

Don't adhere to someone who will tell u they are working with apple company.
don't listen to someone who will try to date u and then later tell u they will send u laptop and iPhone  with 500 pounds or more.
beware of numbers calling and telling u they are RCS LOGISTIC COURIER COMPANY.

scammers are everywhere
Be contented with the little u have or u lose all.

stay safe or u go viral