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List of Sega emulators on Android

gensoid is one of the best Sega megadrive
emulator. download it here.
you can also search on Google Play.


AndroGens is one of the older SEGA Genesis emulators.
The app stopped getting updates for a while, but it's back to being relevant again.
It boasts a 99.9% compatibility rate with SEGA games.
It also has customizable on-screen buttons, physical controller support, save states, and more.
You can find more complex emulators with more features.
this one is excellent for those who just need the basics.
The paid version is also relatively inexpensive in case you're low on money.
download  on play store .androgens
or search on other websites


gGens is a moderately successful emulator for SEGA Genesis and Mega Drive.
It has a limited set of features, including save states and button layout customization.
It is also based on the MD.emu open source code.
That means it should have most of the same features.
The biggest complaint we found was the advertising.
It's totally free, but that means there is no way to remove the ads.
Other than that, this is one of the solid SEGA Genesis emulators.
download it here n.gamegens
MD. emu

MD.emu is probably the best solution for SEGA Genesis emulators.
It's an open source project that most other SEGA Genesis emulators are based off of.
This one works with SEGA Genesis/Mega Drive games as well as SEGA CD and Mark III games.
This makes it the most versatile emulator of the group.
It also has the longest list of additional features, including hardware controller support, support for cheat codes, auto-saving, and support for various controller setups.
Its the one wed recommend that you start with because it seems to be the most complete.
get it here lpha.MdEmu