Some People  take reset as

reboot terminology.

The reason for the word HARD is because

hardware buttons or battery is used.

The reason for the word SOFT is because

software (the ROM, firmware, settings) is


Resets wipe all data to clear bugs.

Rebooted justs reboot the phone. Same

computer terminology just apply it to

smart phones....

Soft reboot/boot - power off phone with

power key

Hard reboot/boot - remove battery while

phone is on. Can't do this with RAZR so

just hit power key + volume down key to

simulate a battery pull.

Soft master reset - settings - privacy -

factory reset

Hard master reset - power off phone - turn

on phone - hold volume down and power

key as phone turns on - enter fast boot

mode - use volume down key to select

recovery mode - android image appears

hit bottom right corner for menu - scroll

down to factory reset / wipe option.

- hit OK - hit yes Android RAZR resets itself

to factory - when done it will prompt you to reboot - hit reboot system now. ....

bam that's a DROID RAZR hard master reset.....

it should only be done of you cannot

access settings in the stock ROM or custom ROM!!!!!!!